Daniel works on our tech stack: from geo-spatial data, maps, backend and infrastructure, to remote sensing and state of the art machine learning.

He enjoys his hammock and high-frequency trading the banano crypto-currency.


Johannes works on our lovely frontend, accelerates this rocket in terms of business development, and thinks about the big picture.

He enjoys wearing socks with cute duckies on them.


Paddy works on our product’s design, the broader user experience, customer support, sales and marketing, and the company’s short and long-term vision.

In his free time Paddy proudly plays the trombone.


Britta works on our tech stack, from backend to infrastructure to imagery processing and remote sensing, and validating our models based on ground truth data.

She enjoys the outdoors and is especially fond of the trees.


Andrey is a full-stack engineer with a background in the automotive and geospatial domain, working on our backend, frontend, and infrastructure.

In his evenings he plays the guitar and reads sci-fi.


Sowmya works as an independent contributor on our planet-scale satellite machine learning models, for example: super-resolution and cloud see-through.

In her spare time, Sowmya redesigns music album covers.